Galaxy Note FE to launch on July 7, will come with Bixby.


The Galaxy Note 7, the most expensive fire cracker of 2016 was a big fail by Samsung due to all the battery explosion issues in it. Samsung was brave enough to recall all of the Note 7 units for consumer safety. But now, the phone makes a comeback with a slight change in name scheme, to be called the Galaxy Note FE. (FE – Fan Edition ? Maybe)

We already covered the specsheet and rumours of the Galaxy Note FE, which you can read here

According to reports by Etnews, the Galaxy Note FE will go on sale in South Korea on July 7th this month. The earlier reports however were pointing towards the phone launching in the end of June, but apparently, it turns out to be that Samsung has a lot of faith in the Note FE and has increased the production lineup aim from 1,50,000 devices to 4,50,000 devices, increasing it thrice the expectations. Also, the report states that the Note FE will come with Bixby out of the box, and if this comes true, the Note FE will be the second device to feature Bixby functionality. And don’t worry, there won’t be any dedicated Bixby button on the Note FE, unlike the S8 and the S8+, which is prominently not appreciated by S8 users.

Given the fact that the Note 7 already has a lot of fear in the minds of consumers, Samsung will be using their clever marketing strategies to promote the Note FE and also, will sell it less than the original price of the Note 7. Just for comparison, the Note 7 was priced $875 in the US but now, will be priced little aggressively at $650-$700 This definitely isn’t cheap, but given the internals that the Note FE has, this seems a great deal!
However, it seems that this phone will be available over 3 carriers, and no statements have been found over global launches, except the launch of South Korea.

So, will you buy the Galaxy Note FE if it is priced at around $650 ? Let us know on our Social Media Links.


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