Get Android P Rotation Suggestion on Any Device

So Google’s latest Android version in on its way which is called “Android P” and it packs in some features and changes from the previous versions of Android i.e, Nougat and Oreo. One of those features is “Smart Rotation” which is nothing but changing the orientation of the device when required if the rotation is locked.

So, if someone is frustrated about not having a Pixel Device or the fact that less than 5% users are having Android Oreo on their device, below are the steps to get the “Smart Rotation” feature on any device.

1. Just Download this app called “Dynamic Rotation” on your device from here.

2. Now Open the App, start the service and allow the necessary permission and there you go.

Once you will rotate your device on Rotation locked, an icon will be shown on the screen which will allow you to temporarily change the rotation of the screen for the time you use that app.

You can also change the icon size, sensitivity and the show time as per your preference.

Credits: XDA

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