Vivo to implement On-screen Fingerprint Sensor!


The feature that big players like Samsung and other companies were not able to achieve, that could be achieved by Vivo that is launching a phone with embedded/on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Samsung failed to attempt this with its latest flagship S8 and S8+ which resulted into its awkward positioning of fingerprint sensor. But now it looks like Vivo could be the first company to produce a device with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. A video which was leaked on Weibo shows off a Vivo phone with an optical fingerprint sensor that’s embedded into the screen. Another report from Korea confirms that Chinese manufacturers are working with this infrared technology and building up a few prototypes to bring up on-screen fingerprint sensor. But it also adds light on Huawei’s upcoming flagship P11 can be the first phone to include this feature, followed by Xiaomi and then Vivo.

Apple will most likely be taking this technology and include it in their next iPhone. As for Samsung it looks like South Korean manufacturer won’t be able to roll out the feature in the Galaxy Note 8, with Korean news companies citing “security” as the reason.

Whatever be the case but it’d be really exciting to see what companies innovate and push the technology to embed on-screen fingerprint sensor, and we also would be able to see a few devices with on-screen fingerprint sensor later this year!

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Pranay Pathole.


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